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The word it’s self carries powerful connotations with in the American lexicon.

A very human issue, created by us in the modern world, yet we carry a powerful aversion to its existence. Behind our Trash enclosure means out of sight. Out of sight equals out of mind and then we forget about it! When l managed restaurants I remember a division meeting the topic was our trash enclosures. Each manager was aware of the need to to do more yet always encountered resistance and push back when trying to get employee’s to empty the trash, not to mention trying to get them to  clean the corral. They would throw the bags from a distance as too not approach the container.

Trash is ours. What are we afraid of?  And as mentioned before, while working as a Commercial Front Load Driver at Waste Management this problem was all over our city.

Theft of services only hurts an already bad problem. “Honey you forgot the Trash again!” So he ties the bag puts it into the back of the pickup truck and off to work he goes. On his way past his local bank he stops to deposit his trash into the bank’s trash enclosure. Did he open the gate and then take the time to open the container lid? No. He chucks it over the fence. The bag hits the top corner of the container and rips open, now leaning against the container. Two days go by and the company hired to empty the bank’s trash adds no value to the bank by picking up this man’s bag of trash. The driver for the company contracted to collect you trash opens the gate and forks into the can to lift to empty the container. The bag once leaning against the container now falls to what will now be under the 800 pound container. Who cleans it?

R.A.T.S. Retain.Arractive.Trash.Service. A Hot Water Power Wash Company.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson


As a former driver for Waste Management, each trash enclosure I serviced had an issue. Be it broken fence, broken gates, doors that don’t shut, fence missing, lack of paint, graffiti, food, grease, and trash not in the can, rodents and even negative human activity like drugs, condoms and human waste. A former Unit manager for KFC and Pizza Hut and Little Caesars I saw first hand where there is food only exacerbates the problems with the trash corral, but also grease paths to the corral as well as issues with the drive through and parking. I was driven to start a company that could help business retain attractive trash service and eliminate the headaches the trash enclosures can cause. RATS was born out of a real need in our communities and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the area.